One of the most challenging and yet the most adorable group of participants we have are primary students.

Primary students are in their peak of learning stage and their way of thinking and engaging in the world is remarkable, that is why we are continuously improving our programs that will perfectly address their creativeness and playful attitude.

Aside from improving their English Skills, which is the heart of the program, we also want to develop their creative, social, analytical skills and improve their behaviour. In this regards we have several of activities and games that will surely make them enjoy their experience with us while learning and understanding other cultures.

Sample Activities:

  • Why English is Important?- Workshop
  • Traditional Songs and Dances from the Youth Leaders around the world
  • Team Building Games
  • Presentation and speaking skills engagement
  • Creative Workshops: Super Hero, Make a Country, Perfect School for me, Mission Impossible, Amazing Race, Oscars- Film, Commercial Workshop, and more..
  • Alphabet Workshop
  • Story Telling
  • Country Presentation
  • Outdoor Activities/ Mountain Climbing/ Walking/ Visit Falls and Dams
  • And more…