Apart from enhancing the language skills of High School students, Euroweek Program also aims to develop the multiple skills of every student. Like, Jr. High School we are giving activities that will not only develop their intellectual and creative intelligence but also life lesson and motivational workshops that will help them in their future.

Some of the activities involve critical and analytical thinking. We also mix match it with creativity workshops and self confidence activities that will surely help them in finding their individuality.

Sample Activities:

  • Team Building Games
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Ethics Workshop
  • Goal Setting
  • Language Workshop
  • Word Story Exam
  • Personality Development
  • Climate Change Workshop
  • Make the world the safest world for us
  • Environment Workshops
  • CV Writing Workshop
  • Do What Makes you Happy
  • Outdoor Activities/ Mountain Climbing/ Walking/ Visit Falls and Dams