Our Team

Cross-cultural approach is one of the key areas of Euroweek in providing non formal education to its students. The facilitators of every activity are the Youth Leaders (volunteers) around the world. Each volunteer has a commendable background and expertise such as in Economics, International Business, Law, Masters in Psychology, English Teachers, International Studies, Tourism, Political Science, Literature, Journalism, Aircraft Engineer, Software Engineer and more. Furthermore, Youth Leaders are also engaged with different organizations, serving as volunteers inside and outside of their country. They have previously attended local and international seminars and are passionate in all they do more so advocacy work. Also, majority of the Youth Leaders are actively participating and engaging in community activities; they have also interesting hobbies that will surely interest all the participants.

In this regard, with the diverse background of Youth Leaders, the participants will not only have first-hand information about each country but they can also learn life lessons that they can use in their future endeavour.

In this year’s Euroweek, we have Youth Leaders from Africa, Central and North America, Asia, and Europe. In total the program has almost 30 volunteers around the world.

How to be a volunteer?

Euroweek is also a learning space for volunteers. The volunteers can create; teach workshops and other activities that would not only benefit the students but also contribute to their growth as individuals, team players and leaders.

Duties and Responsibilities of Youth Leader (Volunteer)

  • The volunteer should prepare and present the best his/her country can offer. He/she can also include dance, music, arts, language, and show off the traditional dress and others that will make the presentation lively and interactive.
  • He/ she should also present and do different team building activities and workshops with the students.
  • He/she is highly encouraged to share and develop new team building games and workshops for the students.
  • As part of the learning process, volunteer should make a Learning Report every month to be submitted, reported and filed for future references.
  • Open to work in Poland and other countries if needed
  • He/she will lead and facilitate the activities together with other leaders.
  • Over- all the volunteer should actively participate in all meetings, workshops, activities with full and positive energy all the time. 


  • 19- 35 years old.
  • Studying and/or graduated from college.
  • The volunteer should be available until the full duration of the program.
  • Good command in English.
  • Has experience in handling small and big groups of primary, secondary and high school students.
  • Can adapt easily in the changing norms, lifestyle and environment in workplace and in volunteer’s habitat.
  • Can adjust to various personality types.
  • Creative and flexible, problem solver, open-minded, outspoken communicator, smart and confident strategists.
  • Take initiative, think and work fast, have an eye for detail and welcome collaboration.
  • Can participate in ALL activities in Euroweek as per the intended schedule.

How to apply?

Email your resume and letter of application at euroweekprogram@gmail.com