EUROWEEK was founded in 1994 by a group of students in Klodzko Poland who were interested in European integration, democracy, socio-cultural activities and community development through youth participation.

European Integration Youth and Region was the first name of the organization and was first launch in Międzygórze, Poland. It was organized mainly to integrate and inform the Polish students on local and international issues through different conferences and seminars conducted by the Polish government officials, embassy consuls, and other organizations around the area.It was then that in 1998 the program was fully integrated as one of the Erasmus Project.

As the Euroweek Project grew bigger, better and more integrated, several changes were made to equalize the growing population of the participants. The project started to attract global attention. In this respect, it started inviting Youth Leaders (Volunteer) around the world through new partner organizations and referral systems.  University student participants were also very key players since they were one of the first batches of participants to benefit from this life changing experience that is Euroweek. The program went ahead and now started to accept Primary, Jr. High School and High school students around Poland.  Having only one Euroweek per month few years ago, the project has achieved tremendous growth and now it is simultaneously happening in three hotels to five hotels depending on the season of the year for normal weeks and in five hotels during peak seasons like summer.

This July 2016, Euroweek started to host and accept international participants from Republic of Turkey and continually working for more partnership in more country.

Mission Statement

Euroweek Program is an international program that aims to develop the intellectual ability, leadership, creativity, communication and social skills of our participants through different techniques such as formal, non formal and cross- cultural approach that will help and prepare them to integrate and understand the global world of today. 


Our goal is to provide quality and intensive training in different areas of self development among our students.

  • Develop the leadership skills
  • Build Self Confidence
  • Improve the English communication skills
  • Integration of different cultures
  • Build friendship and strong cooperation between Youth Leaders and participants

At the end of every Euroweek the students are expected to learn the following;  improve their confidence in speaking English, integrate themselves in globalizing world by learning and being friends from volunteers from all over the world, cultivate their social, intellectual and creativity skills, and make the students more active in participating in issues around their community, national and international.