What is Euroweek?

EUROWEEK is an educational program/ seminar for students of all age and adult learner. It focuses in enhancing the English language and leadership skills of its participants. Furthermore, we are also developing the key areas of multiple intelligence that the students needed in this past- changing environment; cross-cultural, social and communication, intellectual and creativity skills.

The program schedule varies on the request of the school or group participants; we have five (5) days, seven (7), ten (10) or even more activity days. Euroweek is a non- formal education with the twist of cultural education that is happening in Miedzygorze, Rozanka, Dlugopole Zdroj, and Dlugopole Dolne.

The world is a global village today, it is therefore important for the students to be more equipped on different cross-cultural issues of the world. Euroweek brings international volunteers who can help the students broaden their perspective about cultural differences and harness their skills for international collaboration. To make this happen, volunteers provide them with information about their history, economy, tourism, culture, people, and traditions in the most interactive and personal ways that the students can remember and understand it easily.

To improve the social and communication skills of the students, Euroweek provides an open space to develop their self-confidence by using different team building games, and workshops such as language, listening, role playing, presentation techniques, motivational talks and group discussion with the volunteers.

Furthermore, to enhance the intellectual and creativity skills of the students, the program also provides them with different workshops and activities such as problem solving, leadership, creativity, project management, debates, refugee workshops, stereotyping, comparing topics and others. After these activities the students are expected to be more critical and open- minded in analyzing information.

To date Euroweek has different programs for each specific groups; Euroweek for Primary, Junior High School, High School, University students and Global Village for Adults who want to improve their English Language skills, socio- cultural skills, learn languages such as, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Suwahili, Asian Languages and other dialects of the volunteers, and also learn cultures from the seven continent of the world.

In every Euroweek we always want to develop our program and activities, our motto is” Every Euroweek Experience is fun and different” and you will surely come back for more.